• Characteristics of game: rule structure, interactive
  • have to go to external links to solve a puzzle, have to leave the game to play the game, field of play is entire Internet, not just the 12 labors
  • most of the levels are anticlimactic
  • more puzzle-like than a quest, tests logic

Oral literacy
  • performing it helps you remember it
  • Connects with oral literacy-assume audience knows the tale, don’t need to tell all the parts, communal memory
  • John Miles Foley (sp.?): connections between digital culture and oral culture

Digital literacy
  • tests your Internet literacy when you have to go to Amazon, MySpace
  • tests if you have ability to use a webcam—you have to own a webcam to play the game

Traditional literacy
  • Familiarity with Greek epic—need to know something about Hercules stories for it to resonate, for you to get complete narrative experience

How do we categorize this genre?
  • Hybrid game-story?
  • Is this a video game?

Does this qualify as literary?
  • When we stop thinking only about the information it delivers and start thinking about the way it delivers that info, then we start thinking that it belongs in the art/literary field.
  • Degree and centrality of the language makes us see it more as literature than visual art
  • Makes us reflect, become self-conscious about reading experience