Notes on Inanimate Alice (I. A.):
  1. “Juvenile Lit”
    1. “Problems”—underneath the major themes
i. Music
ii. Sounds

  1. Background Noise/White noise
    1. Visceral anxiousness

  1. Other Episodes of I.A.
    1. The evolution of “Brad”

  1. Not for young readers?
    1. Look at “About the Project”
    2. “Transmedia Project”
    3. Pedagogical potential—for use in classrooms

  1. Compare to other works:
    1. Linearity: makes sure you “can’t get lost”
i. Forces you to remain on the page for a time
ii. Children tend to dislike frustration
  1. Linearity forces the reader to go in order: not hypertextual

  1. Corporate Funding—Using art to make money
    1. Complexities of writing situation make a difference
    2. Relationship for funding questions—not necessarily evident within the work itself

  1. What genre is I. A.?
    1. Multi-layered effect
    2. Is there a lesson in this story?
    3. Sounds are huge: the background sounds were both annoying and effective
    4. Not much language involved in I. A.
    5. Technology: trying to be slick, but still shows caution