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Memmot - Lexia | Stefans - Dreamlife | Morris - As We May Think

>> MSA - E-lit Vol 3 Presentation

Discussion of Assigned E-lit works

Memmot, Talan. Lexia to Perplexia.

Stefans, Brian. The Dreamlife of Letters.

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CAP - Presentation / Discussion

Topics in Postmodern Lit – 23112/23142 ENGL 771 – 001/871 - 001

Week (5) Media Specific Analysis (MSA)

Electronic Literature Volume 2 Presentation {Kamal salem}
Separation highlights one of the basic feature of digital literature; namely that of the interactive nature of the text. The reader interacts with the text and feels as if involved in the piece itself. It addresses the reader in an interesting and intriguing way. Within this context, a number of interpretations arise.
The reader is required to perform some actions that the text requires, such as , opening the mouth for a short period of time, raising eyebrows etc. What is interesting is the stress on the slow pace of clicking, so that once the user starts to be fast, the text is interrupted. This is a very illuminating feature of the digital piece that impresses the user and gets him involved. A similar therapeutic exercise is shrugging shoulders as a form of relaxation exercise.
The title (Soul or Body) is represented in separating the reader from reality by providing momentary glimpses of the soul rather than the body. (a form of meditation through reading). In this sense, the physical exercises suggested by the media text could be an attempt to put the reader in the state of mind for meditation and connecting with the soul.
Another interpretation could be that the human being and computer resemble the soul and the ego. For instance, the human being is the soul and the computer is the ego. The more the human being is able to separate from the computer, the richer the spiritual experience is.
In the context of this digital text, one can understand the representation of human inner and outer features. For example,
vThe computer = The ego
vcomputer + ego ---> brain
vHuman being – ego = the soul
vThe more a human is able to separate from the computer, the richer the spiritual experience could be.
Discussion Question
To what extent do you think digital media can function as a new learning tool?
How do you think interactive texts enrich the learning experience?
Does the text prove an efficient therapeutic text?

Further article discussion / further E-lit discussion

Morris, Adalaide. “New Media Poetics: As we may think” <NMP>

Media Specific Analysis (MSA)
Electronic Literature Volume 2 Presentation